Telephone Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning our Telephone Banking Service.  If you need additional assistance, please call us today.

Can I change my access ID?

No. Once you select your access ID, it is unique to you and cannot be changed.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time. After you Log On, select Options from the menu. You will prompted to enter your old password and select a new password. The new password will be required the next time you log on. Please memorize your new password or save it in a safe place. Your new online banking password will not affect your password for telephone banking. Bank recommends that you change your password periodically. To keep your information secure, you should not reveal your password to anyone, including Bank employees. If you feel your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately and contact us.

Can I stop or modify my request to transfer funds?

Yes. At any time before you reach the “Transfer Funds Confirmation” screen you can modify or cancel your funds transfer request. However, after you complete a funds transfer transaction and receive a confirmation number, you cannot stop the transfer from occurring. At that point, if you change your mind about the transfer, simply make a new transfer to move the funds back to the appropriate accounts.

Can I use my online banking access ID and password for telephone banking?

The access ID and password that you select for online banking is set up to protect your information on the Internet. You cannot use your online banking password to access telephone banking. You can continue to access these services with the password you have been using all along.

For a linked deposit account, what is the “Current Balance”?

The “Current Balance” is, generally speaking, the amount of your balance that is accessible to you right now, today for payment, automatic payments scheduled today, funds transferred, debit card or ATM transactions or any holds placed on funds during the current business day. Please note that balance information does not reflect outstanding checks, and may not reflect recent bill payments. In most cases, items will show on your account as they are presented for payment. Balances may also be subject to a hold (which will not necessarily be evident from the Online Services, but about which you would have received written notice).

For a Transaction History, what period is covered by the “Current Business Day”?

“Current Business Day” includes transactions performed since the Cutoff Time of The Bank’s last business day. Business Day means Monday through Friday, excluding Bank holidays; “Cutoff Time” means 3:00 p.m. Central Time on any Business Day.

I currently use the Bank’s Telephone Banking service. Can I sign up for Online Banking and still use the telephone to access my accounts?

Yes. You will be able to use both products to access your accounts whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

I deposited $100 today at one of the branches. Why isn’t it part of my Current Balance?

Unless it is cash that is not deposited via an ATM transaction, a deposit made today will not show up in your Current Balance. Once the transaction has been processed, the funds will show up in the Current Balance.

What details will I find in Transaction function? Who can I call if I have a question? - Note: DOES THIS APPLY TO TELEPHONE BANKING?

When you select a Transaction function, you can review details about each transaction for that account. Details include the date, amount and description of the transaction. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What do I need to know each time I want to access my accounts?

Once you sign up, all you need is your access ID and password to access your accounts.

What is the Transaction History function? - Note: DOES THIS APPLY TO TELEPHONE BANKING?

Transaction history allows you to review transactions posted to your linked checking, savings and loan accounts. You can review all transactions posted to your deposit accounts since your last statement or up to one month prior to your last statement. It includes transactions performed since the end of the Bank’s last business day. You can review all transactions posted to your linked loan account for the life of the loan. Simply select the time period to review transactions on the Transaction function selection page. Please note, however, that the transaction history, as reflected on-line, does not necessarily represent the order in which transactions have been posted against your account. For example, the listing of checks that the transaction history reflects as having been presented against your account on a certain day does not reflect the order in which those checks have been posted – and paid – by the Bank.

When are transfers posted to my account?

Transfers are posted to your accounts and reflected in your Current Balance on the Transaction Date which is (assuming it’s a Business Day and the transfer request was timely received) the day that you designate for the transfer to occur.
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